1/10 RC Drift Hero

Objects, people, words – folded in a good movie, can be very inspiring.

Many years I dealt with RC drift. For various reasons I had to abandon RC Cars, but don’t do what I do! It is through this kind of films I want to continue to come back to all this fun. Great peoples, screwing around the track in drift trains on the thickness of the lacquer, and pushing your skills to the maximum, to make every pass getting better and better.

Climate knocks. And it very much! Believe me, when I saw the short first time, I could not for the next few days once it is not repeated.

“Oh. It’s a RC Car?!”

This is not one of the videos that simply show drive models. There is something about him that puts the idea and nostalgia. Ryan Peabody – It was he who brings the whole teaser.

It tells you exactly so much likes to do bodywork different car models, which are both the image of his dream car and replicas of cars in 1: 1 scale. The possibility that each of us – fine-tuning to perfection your dream car, on a smaller scale.


Anthony Baird: soundcloud.com/airshaper

Knowmads: soundcloud.com/pepeknowmads

RW Smith: Tune In: youtube.com/audiolibrary/music


1123 Productions: 123productions.com